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a film by Denis Coté

2010 / 92 min / 1.85:1
In French with English subtitles

Big World Pictures


    Set on the fringe of society in a remote part of the Quebecois countryside, Curling takes a keen look at the unusual private life of a father and his daughter. Between his unremarkable jobs, Jean-François (Emmanuel Bilodeau) devotes an awkward energy to Julyvonne (Philomène Bilodeau). The fragile balance of their relationship will be jeopardized by some bleak circumstances.

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    "A minimalist stunner! The most accomplished work yet of a new Canadian master."
    — Peter Howell, Toronto Star

    "You don't often see a film this good... What makes Curling unusually beautiful is the way an indecipherable blackness, marked by madness, incest and death, works its way into a system that it gradually corrodes without ever gaining the upper hand."
    — Jean-Francois Rauger, Le Monde