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    Directed by Irene Angelico and Abbey Neidik
    2007, 3 episodes, 52 minutes each
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    An entertaining and illuminating three-part documentary series, Inside the Great Magazines explores the evolution of magazines, from their European literary origins to their current popularity and the powerful influence that they have on our social, political and cultural identities today.

    Part I: The Power of the Image
    Magazines are a great common denominator. On their pages, the identity of a society is captured and shaped. This segment explores how magazines define our cultural and personal images and fuel the growth of democracy and consumerism. We are using magazines as a time machine to London in 1731, when Edward Cave introduced the first magazine, and to Paris when L'Illustration presented the first photographs to a waiting audience. Soon Vanity Fair was bringing European art to the public and every North American household read Life. We cover the Valentino haute couture show today with the most stunning new fashion magazine, and go to the South side of Chicago with National Geographic to shoot poverty in the developed world.

    Part II: Igniting Social Change
    While magazines reflect our values, they also have the power to change them. Part II examines the trailblazers, from Playboy and its impact on the sexual revolution to Ms. Magazine as a rallying cry for feminists in the 60's; from Rolling Stone's impact on the rock-n-roll generation to The Advocate, the latest revolutionary magazine still fighting for sexual and civil rights. Today, magazines are still looking for an edge and for a way to challenge us with ideas that have the power to shape our political and social landscape. This hour examines these powerful magazines -- their visions, their influence, and their fight for social change.

    Part III: Mags Inc. International
    A new frontier is opening up, a place where money and size are often the defining factor in a magazine's influence. With corporate mergers accelerating, magazines often share corporate owners with other crossover ventures. And with new challenges from the Internet and increasingly segmented niches, many wonder how the great magazines can survive. This hour investigates the work of impassioned individual editors, writers and photographers within the new market realities. We follow Time magazine's acclaimed Person of the Year issue, as well as the evolution of a new women's magazine in Afghanistan started on a penny and a prayer.

    Intelligent and provocative, Inside the Great Magazines points the camera at the inside pages and inner workings of the first international medium - not for a quick sound bite but for a thoughtful portrayal of the images, writings, and ideas that have touched every one of us.

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    “Highly Recommended. A beautifully made documentary… Each disc can stand alone, but together they weave a compelling story of what was (and still could be) one of the world’s most important mass communication media, speculating on the role it still has to play. The splendid production is well conceived and flawlessly executed. It is a pleasure to watch. Smooth camerawork and fast paced juxtaposition of interviews, illustrations, revelatory scenes, and historical material are folded into a seamless whole that takes the viewer behind the scenes, into the scenes, and in front of the scenes so as to give as full a picture of the story of magazines as can be told in three hours of video. Academic courses in mass communication, journalism, and popular culture can benefit from the addition of this series to their library collections. Members of adult study groups and others with an interest in the subject also will find it informative as well as entertaining.” - Educational Media Reviews Online