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    Directed by Agnes Varda
    1965 - 2004, 92 minutes (feature) + 96 minutes (shorts)
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    Directed by the legendary Agnes Varda (The Beaches of Agnes, The Gleaners and I, Cleo from 5 to 7), Cinevardaphoto is an exceptional triptych of film essays exploring the photographic medium.

    Varda, who began her career as a photographer before turning to film in the late 50s, approaches her subject from three distinct angles. In the first, Ydessa, The Bears and Etc., Varda muses on a curious, yet haunting art exhibit, "The Teddy Bear Project" curated by Ydessa Hendeles, a daughter of Holocaust survivors, that features hundreds of found photos spanning the 20th century; in each one, a teddy bear.

    In the second essay, Ulysses, she deconstructs a photograph she took in 1954 - a striking image of a man, a child and a goat on the seashore.

    The final short, Salut les Cubains, constructed entirely from 1,800 photographs taken by Varda on a trip to Cuba in 1962, captures the exuberant spirit in the early days of the Revolution.

    Special Features: Six Short Films by Agnes Varda
    · T'as de beaux escaliers, tu sais (1986, 3 minutes)
    · 7 P., cuis., s. de b. (1984, 27 minutes)
    · Les dites Cariatides (1984, 12 minutes)
    · Plaisir d'amour en Iran (1976, 6 minutes)
    · Reponse de femme (1975, 8 minutes)
    · Elsa la Rose (1965, 20 minutes)
    Plus: From the Rooster to the Donkey (Hands and Objects) (20 min), a survey of Varda's work in short films

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    “The longest and most provocative piece in the triptych is the first, Ydessa, the Bears and Etc.… As seen through Ms. Varda’s sensitive, probing lens, the photographs initially inspire curiosity because they are interesting objects in themselves, and a comforting sense of nostalgia. The ineffable poignancy of these faded photographs, many of which show tightly clustered families, seems all the more touching because of the teddy bears, which speak to yet a different kind of inevitable loss, that of childhood… But when Ms. Varda reveals a third gallery room, in which Ms. Hendeles has placed a shocking, self-consciously kitsch statue of Hitler, this mass of ghostly figures smiling at one another and into the camera, and accompanied by plush totems of innocence, transforms into something radically different…. Yet, as might be expected from the septuagenarian filmmaker, whose mind remains joyfully curious and as open to the wonders of the world as her eyes, Ydessa, the Bears and Etc. is less a portrait of one artist than a lesson in ways of seeing from another…. Narrated by the actor Michel Piccoli and exuberantly alive with images of everyday Cubans, along with a handful of the commandante, [Salut Les Cubains is a perfect time capsule of newly found paradise on the verge of hell.” - The New York Times

    “A masterful collection of cinematic essays.” - New York Daily News

    “If teddy bears, Fidel Castro and dead goats are doing a cha-cha in your dreams, you may have recently emerged from Cinevardaphoto, Agnes Varda’s endlessly fascinating triptych of film essays.” - New York Newsday

    Salut les Cubains, a rapid-fire essay — it's like Life magazine gone kaleidoscopic… What lights Cinevardaphoto is Varda’s ageless ability to merge her spirit with that of the images she shows us.” - Entertainment Weekly

    “Interweaving contemporary interviews with the subjects of the photograph [in Ulysses]with her own commentary about the shot, the filmmaker provides thoughtful perspectives on the subjectivity of images…. Salut les Cubains is a highly entertaining cinematic collage of hundreds of black and white photographs taken in Cuba shortly after the revolution, accompanied by narration by actor Michel Piccoli and a soundtrack of vintage Cuban music.” - Hollywood Reporter

    “A triptych of shorts, the movie allows Varda to explicate—largely through juxtaposition—the relationship among photography, memory, and artistic impulse.” - Village Voice

    "Recommended. In this portfolio of cinematic work, Agnes Varda, the first lady of French New Wave cinema, presents 9 of her short films... Each showcases Varda’s unique style as well as her abilities as both a director and an artist." - Educational Media Reviews Online