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    Directed by Jean-Albert Lievre
    2013, 93 minutes
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    A touching film about hope, dignity and care, Flore is an intimate documentary about director Jean-Albert Lievre's relationship with his mother, Flore, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. The film chronicles their life over three years, as Lievre travels from one facility to the next, trying to find the best possible treatment for her condition.

    At first, Flore is placed in a specialized institution. When her condition worsens, Lievre realizes his mother is destined to live out her life in a prison-like facility, medicated to a state of near-stupor. Refusing to watch her waste away like this, Lievre, heartbroken and desperate, takes Flore out of the institution in a wheelchair and brings her to a house in Corsica. There, surrounded by the sea, the sun and the wind, and no longer medicated, she begins to walk, smile and even paint again.

    A moving and inspiring documentary, Flore questions how we as a society take care of our ill and elderly.

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    Winner, Best documentary, Colcoa


    “Both dispassionate and intensely intimate. Ultimately it’s a portrait of love, patience and the pursuit of a more humane, holistic approach than the drugs and institutionalization of conventional Western medicine.”- The Hollywood Reporter

    "Recommended.An intimate portrayal of the care and dignity of a human person." - Educational Media Reviews Online