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A film by Raul Ruiz

Disc Specs
2012 / 2.35:1 / 110 minutes
Portuguese Dolby Digital 2.0 / English Subtitles


    On the verge of a forced retirement, Don Celso, an elderly office worker begins to relive both real and imagined memories from his life - a trip to the movies as a young boy with Beethoven, listening to tall tales from Long John Silver, a brief stay in a haunted hotel. Stories hide within stories and the thin line between imagination and reality steadily erodes, opening up a marvelous new world of personal remembrance and fantastic melodrama. A playfully elegiac film from the great Raul Ruiz, conceived to be seen only after his death, Night Across the Street is a beautiful final masterwork exploring the director's favorite subjects: fiction, history and life itself.

    Special Features

    · Ballet Aquatique (2012, 54 mins), a film by Raul Ruiz
    · "Lasting Elements on the Last Horizon," a visual essay by Kevin B. Lee
    · Theatrical Trailer
    · Booklet featuring Chronicle of a Death Foretold, an essay by James Quandt

    Film Reviews

    “Four Stars! A moviemaker's farewell to movies. An exuberantly Ruizian meditation on a man’s final days, fondly surreal and lit with a life’s wisdom.”
    – Ty Burr, Boston Globe

    "A playful supernatural fever dream."
    – Stephen Holden, The New York Times

    "One of the cinema's grandest, most graceful farewells."
    – Richard Brody, The New Yorker

    “Both thrillingly irreverent and surprisingly moving. An excellent encapsulation of everything Ruiz did best.”
    – David Fear, Time Out New York