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a film by Hong Sangsoo

2022, 92 minutes
Korean Dolby Digital 2.0 | Optional English Subtitles


    Junhee (Lee Hyeyoung, last seen in Hongís In Front of Your Face) is a novelist who's grown disenchanted with her own writing. On a trip to see an old friend, she runs into a film director who was set to adapt one of her novels before the project fell through. One chance encounter leads to another and soon she finds herself having lunch with Kilsoo (Kim Minhee), a well-known actress also questioning her role as an artist. Itís then that Junhee has an epiphany: she will make a film starring Kilsoo. It wonít be like other films. It will be the novelistís film.

    For his 27th feature, Hong holds a mirror up to his own artistic process and asks what exactly it is weíre looking for from a work of art. As his characters discuss their lives and work and the ways they intertwine, Hong sets down a sort of manifesto for his own inimitable oeuvre before exploding it (or perhaps fully realizing it) in a moving final flourish. With sparkling performances from Lee, Kim and an incredible cast of Hong regulars, The Novelistís Film is a summation of Hongís career-long artistic project, even as it signals bold new directions.

    Special Features

         + Small Flower (2022, 1 min) a greeting from Hong Sangsoo
         + Press conference from the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival
         + Theatrical Trailer
         + Booklet featuring essay by Annabel Brady-Brown

    Film Reviews

    "One of the directorís sweetest films, registering ultimately as a touchingly sincere tribute to his life in filmmaking, and to love discovered through art-making."
    - Matt Turner, Little White Lies

    "[Hong's] most openly emotive and personal filmmaking to date... palpably life-affirming."
    -Joshua Minsoo Kim, In Review Online

    "Suggests that Hong has yet to exhaust his methods of deriving significance and beauty from the most quotidian of details, and perhaps that his strongest work is yet to come."
    -Jake Cole, Slant