UMBERTO ECO: a library of the world

UMBERTO ECO: a library of the world

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a film by Davide Ferrario

2022, 80 minutes
Italian Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0
Optional English Subtitles


    A documentary immersion into all things Eco, Davide Ferrario’s film takes us on a tour of Umberto Eco’s private library, guided by the author himself. Combining new footage with material he shot with Eco in 2015 for a video installation for the Venice Biennale, Ferrario documents this incredible collection and the man who amassed it. As Eco leads us among the more than 50,000 volumes and his family reflects on his legacy, we also gain insight into the library of the mind of this vastly prolific and original thinker.

    Special Features

    - Umberto Eco, On Memory. A three-part conversation (2015, 18 mins)
    - Introduction to On Memory by director Davide Ferrario
    - Theatrical Trailer

    Film Reviews

    "Umberto Eco: A Library of the World celebrates the man and his many bookshelves... a diverting and often enlightening pursuit."
    -Nicolas Rapold, The New York Times