G-SPOTTING: a story of pleasure and promise

G-SPOTTING: a story of pleasure and promise

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    Directed by Ségolène Hanotaux and Gilles Bovon
    2012, 52 minutes
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    In 1982, "The G-Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality" is published. It makes the New York Times bestsellers list, sells over 1 million copies and is translated into 19 languages. In the 30 years since , this small erogenous zone has become the subject of much debate, controversy and confusion.

    On one side, the feminist camp quickly denied its existence. On the other; men were eager to embrace it (particularly following the bruising their egos took from "The Hite Report" (1976)) and thus reclaim their dominant role in the bedroom. Playboy even wrote at the time: "the discovery of the G-Spot will relieve men… of the clitoral tyranny of Shere Hite."

    But is the G-Spot fact or fiction (for starters, why is a well-regarded plastic surgeon in LA charging $2000 for a 'G-Shot' and claiming it will enhance a woman's sexual experience)? What factors led to its discovery? Why did it instantly become a media obsession (footage from a 1981 Phil Donahue show is priceless)? And how has this discovery shaped our society, or vice versa?

    Incorporating a wealth of archival material as well as testimony from key figures, such as Dr. Beverly Whipple, co-author of the landmark 1982 book, and Shere Hite, G-Spotting: A Story of Pleasure and Promise is a captivating, playful and well-researched documentary that explores the modern history of female sexuality.

    It is a fascinating investigation into the instrumentalization of women's pleasure, and women's bodies, by our society; and an attempt to demystify arguably the most mythologized sexual discovery of the 20th century.

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    * Official Selection, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam


    [Starred review] " G-Spotting gives curious, open-minded viewers a concise yet comprehensive look at female anatomy, academic and medical research, and the culture and history of the G-spot, dispelling myths and revealing new frontiers for exploration with aplomb. It’s a handsome, well-made production, with international locations, lively interviews with experts and laypeople, and witty visual flourishes. VERDICT This overdue examination of the would-be Holy Grail of sexual satisfaction is frank, smart, enlightening, and absorbing, provoking thoughts instead of giggles. With profanity, nudity, and sexually explicit content, fully in context; suitable for adults and mature teens. Highly recommended for all collections; essential for those with a sexuality component ." — Library Journal

     width= width=  width= " The issues raised here about love, sex, gender , and pleasure are serious and handled respectfully. This thought-provoking documentary is definitely recommended for human sexuality studies." - Video Librarian

    " I... highly recommend it to both educators and the women and men who are looking for pleasure in their sexual lives. - David S. Hall, Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality

    " Fun and witty... recommended for high school to adult media collections." - Educational Media Reviews Online

    “The ‘politics of the body’ takes on new and concrete meaning in this smart and balanced film.” - Anthropology Review Database