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    Directed by Kevin Frech
    2004, color, 52 mins
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    This film explores the global issue of gentrification by observing how trendy restaurants and bars have spearheaded the transformation of America's most notorious skid row, the Bowery, in New York City. Once Infamous for dirty flophouses teeming with forgotten and addicted men, armed gangs, and violent bars like McGurk's Suicide Hall, the Bowery has rapidly transformed to a neighborhood of hip restaurants, trendy bars, and million dollar lofts. Through interviews, rare archival film and photos, Bowery Dish captures this volatile transformation in a lively and entertaining, as well as informative manner.

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    * Official Selection, Tribeca Film Festival, 2005


    “Bowery Dish is useful as a teaching resource about the effects of economic development on a community.” - Educational Media Review Online

    “ It’s a great story, and a fascinating look, for New Yorkers, at the process of eroding middle-income housing in New York.”

    “...[H]old out instead for BOWERY DISH, a documentary by Kevin Frech, and watch the gentrification of New York’s Skid Row neighborhood. Wax nostaglic about the pre-Giuliani days of drug infested flophouses and violent bars. Then go out for a $12 martini and complain about soaring rent prices in Manhattan.” The New York Observer

    “The documentary’s director, Kevin R. Frech, explores all facts and sides of downtown’s facelift; the struggling shops, the ritzy restaurant takeovers, frustrated residents, reduced crime rates & increased economic activity, as well as Ja-Rule sightings...” The Gothamist

    "Bowery Dish captures an indelible moment in time!"- Library Journal