ANGOLA – saudades from the one who loves you

ANGOLA – saudades from the one who loves you

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    Directed by Richard Pakleppa
    2006, 60 Minutes
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    Angola - Saudades From the One Who Loves You is a compelling portrait of a country struggling to recover from the devastation of 27 years of civil war. Three years since peace was declared in this former Portuguese colony - one of Africa's largest producers of oil and diamonds - the land is full of contrasts, between rich and poor, between hope and despair.

    Namibian director Richard Papekkla takes us on a lyrical journey through this once war-torn nation, presenting us with a kaleidoscopic vision of the diverse experiences of its people, from the oil barons who are reaping the benefits of the country's rich natural resources to petrol-sniffing children who struggle to earn a living on the street. Images of luxurious mansions, exclusive shopping malls, and fashion shoots are juxtaposed with pictures of rubble and decay, while a soundtrack of urban and rural songs reflects the thoughts and feelings of the land's inhabitants.

    The Portuguese word "saudade" implies a "feeling of longing for something once loved, now gone, but to return in a distant future." Angola - Saudades From the One Who Loves You captures a unique moment in history, as a nation takes its first hesitant steps towards a fragile democracy.

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    Festivals & Awards

    * Winner, Best Film, Three Continents Film Festival, South Africa, 2006
    * Official Selection, Amsterdam Documentary Film Festival, 2006
    * Official Selection, One World Film Festival, Prague, 2006
    * Winner, Horizon Award, Dokfest Film Festival, 2006


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