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    Directed by Liran Atzmor
    2008, 52 Minutes
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    The founding of Israel - specifically, the 1948 war for Jerusalem, which erupted just five days after the United Nations declaration - is seen through the work of two photographers, British and Palestinian, in this compelling documentary that examines how pictures shape the way history is remembered and taught. It includes remarkable photographs that have never been seen before.

    John Phillip was one of the first photo journalists in the world to report on the war in Jerusalem. Assigned by Life magazine, he became sympathetic with the plight of the Jewish people and made passionate and emotional pictures of the evacuation of thousands of Jewish men, women and children from the Old City. They are the only published photographs of the battle.

    Ali Zaarour was one of the few photographers who documented the Palestinian side of the story. As the only Muslim photographer among them, his work depicted the tragedy of the Palestinian ‘Naqba' (‘Catastrophe'). For over 40 years, his photographs were thought to be lost, but his son and grandson undertake a search that may lead to an amazing discovery.

    The film also profiles Jack Padwais, producer of the first major film about the birth of Israel, "Hill 24 Does Not Answer." Coming from a right wing Jewish family, he recreated the battle for Jerusalem from an Israeli perspective. To this day, his film is consistently used in schools as the definitive account of that historic battle.

    These three men offer three different points of view on one war - a pivotal moment in the history of the Middle East. Together, their images create a whole new narrative.

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    * Official Selection, Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, 2008
    * Official Selection, DocAviv, 2008