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A film by Matías Piñeiro

Disc Specs
2015 / 67 minutes / 1.78:1
Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1 / English Subtitles


    Victor returns to Buenos Aires after his father's death and a stay in Mexico to prepare a radio production of "Love's Labour's Lost." Reuniting with his repertory, he finds himself sorting out complicated entanglements with girlfriend Paula, sometime lover Ana, and departed actress Natalia, as well as his muddled relations with the constellation of friends involved with the project. As the film tracks the group's crisscrossing movements and interactions, their lives become increasingly enmeshed with the fiction they're reworking, potential outcomes multiply, and reality itself seems subject to transformation. An intimate work that takes characters and viewers alike into dizzying realms of possibility, The Princess of France is the most ambitious film yet from one of world cinema's brightest young talents, a cumulatively thrilling experience

    Special Features

    • Audio Commentary by filmmaker Matías Piñeiro
    • Two short films by Matías Piñeiro
      • In The Museum (2015, 9 mins)
      • A Silent Woman (2002, 22 mins)
    • Theatrical Trailer
    • Booklet featuring essay by film critic Leo Goldsmith

    Film Reviews

    "An exquisite gem. Uses music, theater, literature, and painting to celebrate the unique sensual pleasures of cinema." – Paper Magazine

    "Exquisite. A great new movie." – The New Yorker

    "Enchanting. Quietly spectacular." – Cinema Scope

    "Exhilarating." – Artforum