35 SHOTS OF RUM [blu-ray]

35 SHOTS OF RUM [blu-ray]

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A film by Claire Denis

France / 2009 / 100 minutes / 1.85:1
French with English Subtitles / Not Rated


    Hailed as one of the year's best films upon its release and even more universally admired today, Claire Denis' 35 Shots of Rum is the story of a father (Alex Descas) and daughter (Mati Diop) whose tender domestic routine is disrupted by a handsome young suitor (Grégoire Colin). With sumptuous images from Agnès Godard and an endearing Tindersticks score, 35 Shots of Rum is a gentle, Ozu-inspired look at a small family in the moment before everything changes.

    Special Features

    - A Dance of Feelings: Claire Denis in Conversation with Eric Hynes (2022)
    - A Regis Dialogue at the Walker Art Center: Claire Denis: Unpredictable Universe (2012)
    - An excerpt from 'Talking With Ozu'
    - Theatrical Trailer
    - Booklet featuring essay by Blair McClendon

    Film Reviews

    "A quietly blissful romance. See 35 Shots of Rum to remind yourself what movies are about."
    —Ty Burr, Boston Globe

    "Dazzling and affecting. Don't miss this one."
    —Ann Hornaday, Washington Post

    "A warm, embracing work, with a flowing lyricism and a delicate poignancy."
    —Kevin Thomas, LA Times

    "A quiet and lovely new film...extraordinary thematic richness...Achieves a rare eloquence... exquisite and expressive cinematography." critic's pick!
    —A.O. Scott, The New York Times

    "Four stars! 35 Shots of Rum is nothing less than exquisite."
    —Steven Rae, Philadelphia Inquirer