PUTTY HILL: two disc collector's edition

PUTTY HILL: two disc collector's edition

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A film by Matt Porterfield

2011 / USA / 85 min
English Dolby Digital 2.0 / NR


    A beautifully realized portrait of a close-knit community on the outskirts of Baltimore, Putty Hill is the second feature from celebrated young filmmaker Matt Porterfield. At a neighborhood karaoke bar, friends and family gather to remember a young man who passed away. Knowing little about his final days, they attempt to reconstruct his life. In the process, they offer a window onto their own lives, an evocative picture of working-class America, dislocated from the progress and mobility around them, but united in pursuit of a shared dream. Exquisitely shot and employing surprising documentary techniques, Putty Hill is one of the most exciting American indie films in years.

    Also includes HAMILTON (2006, 65 minutes) the debut film from Matt Porterfield. A delicate, beautiful work, Hamilton chronicles two summer days in the life of a young family: Lena, 17, and Joe, 20, two recent and accidental parents residing in a diverse suburban neighborhood in northeast Baltimore.

    Special Features

    Disc One: PUTTY HILL (2011, 85 minutes)
    ·Audio Commentary featuring director Matt Porterfield, director of photography Jeremy Saulnier, editor Marc Vives and producer Steve Holmgren
    ·Deleted Scenes
    ·Metal Gods screen test, the inspiration for Putty Hill
    ·Making of Documentary (30 minutes)
    ·Theatrical Trailer

    Disc Two: HAMILTON (2006, 65 minutes)
    ·Deleted Scenes
    ·Union Docs: Richard Brody interview with Matt Porterfield
    ·Theatrical Trailer

    ·Booklet featuring "A Death In The Neighborhood," an essay by Andrew O'Hehir and "Quiet Storms: The Lives of Hamilton," an essay by Richard Brody

    Film Reviews

    "Extraordinary. A wondrous movie."
    Richard Brody, The New Yorker

    "Four Stars! A great, deep, powerful new indie film."
    Roger Ebert

    "A fresh, vital and emotionally engaging indie breakthrough."
    Andrew O'Hehir, Salon

    "nothing this inspiring has emerged from the american indie scene in a long time."
    Mar Diestro-Dopido, Sight And Sound