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    This video examines Cambodia today, a country struggling to overcome the legacy of more than two decades of civil war and the genocide which left two million dead in the 'killing fields' of Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge. We see the annual Dhamma Yietra, or Walk of Truth, a month-long pilgrimage throughout the Cambodian countryside led by Buddhist monks and nuns, who encourage Cambodians to put aside their anger for the sake of national reconciliation. The video interviews a wide variety of Cambodians (including Dith Pran, the subject of The Killing Fields), who recount the terror of the Khmer Rouge's slave labor camps, as well as participants in the Walk of Truth, who discuss Buddhist teachings of peace and democracy. The video also includes archival footage of the U.S. bombing raids in Cambodia during the Vietnam War and the refugee camps in Thailand, visits the genocide memorial museums, the historic sites of Angkor Wat, and a national cultural festival of dance, music and theater.

    Directed by Yvonne Simon Ginsberg and John Hewitt
    1999, 59 minutes
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