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    Directed by Teresa Marshall and Craig Berggold
    1992, 85 minutes
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    Features thirty young men and women, ages 15 to 24, who share their thought-provoking, humorous and sometimes painful reflections on sexuality and growing up. Fresh Talk is divided into four segments, each approximately 20 minutes long, and after one or more interviews in any segment, the video may be stopped to enable discussion. "Image" (22 mins.) discusses sexual images in popular culture, stereotypical gender roles, self-esteem, family attitudes, gay identity, and class and racial aspects of sexuality. "Responsibility" (22 mins.) discusses the influence of pornography, pregnancy and parenting, communication, safer sex, sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS. "Power" (25 mins.) discusses sexism, homophobia, racism and sexual abuse. "Pleasure" (16 mins.) discusses power and gender roles, fantasy, alternatives to intercourse, and communication in consensual relationships. Fresh Talk helps young people develop critical attitudes about the sexual messages in popular culture, to learn how to articulate their own sexual feelings, and how to communicate them effectively and with respect for others.

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    First Place Award, National Council on Family Relations
    Gold Apple, National Educational Film and Video Festival
    Red Ribbon, American Film and Video Festival


        Highly Recommended "Quite possibly the best series on teenage sexuality I've ever seen...entirely absorbing...The young adults and teens are articulate about their decisions and why, at times, they made wrong choices. This is a series most schools would want to incorporate into a group setting, such as a sex, health, or sociology class. should be owned by libraries that support specific classroom curriculum or by post-secondary institutions supporint counseling and education programs."
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    "Enlightening and often gritty...this is a surefire, though perhaps controversial, discussion prompter."
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    "Can be used to promote healthy discussions about sexuality."
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