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    The real-life saga of the triumphs and tragedies of America's most powerful political dynasty is told in this remarkable video. The handsome and popular young President JFK, cut down in his prime by an assasin's bullet..his wife Jackie, the most appealing First Lady in history, who transformed the White House into a shimmering Camelot...and Bobby, the younger brother, murdered during his inspirational presidential campaign. This "video album" features rare home movies, interviews and archival footage of the Kennedy family, from their childhood to their rise to power. It's an intimate and revealing look at their public and private lives, revealing the Kennedy wit, charisma, and political savvy that captivated the nation and the world.

    Directed by Raphael Abramowitz and Philip S. Hobel
    1975, 100 minutes
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    * * * "..covers a lot of ground with a lot of fascinating clips...unlike so many other people in political life, the Kennedys were never boring. Neither is this documentary." - Video Review

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