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    Directed by Sheng Zhimin and Emma Tassy
    2010, 52 minutes
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    In the past twenty years, some of the most provocative, controversial and sought-after art has been made in China. This documentary provides an in-depth overview of the Chinese contemporary art scene.

    China, the world's economic superpower, is known for many things. But contemporary art is not usually one of them. That however has changed.

    There was a time when Chinese artists worked clandestinely, exhibiting their work underground, mostly to friends, other artists, and a small circle of followers. Today, they are darlings of the art world. Their work regularly sells for some of the highest prices, and contemporary Chinese are has become the single fastest-growing segment of the international art market.

    China, The Empire of Art? traces the history of this unprecedented art explosion. It visits new art schools literally inundated with applications, like the Hangzou Fine Arts Institute which in 2009 received 30,000 submissions for a coveted 1,500 seats. And it profiles the established artists whose remarkable work has fuel this boom.

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    "Eye-opening. A snapshot of a phenomenon well worth watching, China, the Empire of Art? is recommended for libraries with collections in contemporary art." - Educational Media Reviews Online