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    Directed by Thom Andersen
    1975-2014, 60 minutes
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    A fascinating investigation into the work of photographer and cinema pioneer Eadweard Muybridge, Thom Andersen's (Los Angeles Plays Itself, Red Hollywood, Reconversao) much-lauded documentary incorporates a biographical overview of its subject with a re-animation of his historic sequential photographs as well as concise and innovative analysis.

    Newly restored by the UCLA Film & Television Archive, Eadweard Muybridge, Zoopraxographer discusses the English ้migr้'s early experiments in 3-D stereoscopic photography as well as providing background information on his subjects. Assisted by filmmaker Morgan Fisher, Andersen re-photographed and then animated more than 3,000 of Muybridge's sequential images, giving new life to the experiments in recording motion while analyzing their aesthetic value and their impact on science and the creation of cinema.

    Narrated by Dean Stockwell, with a wide-ranging intellectual curiosity that brings together art history, sociology, and psychoanalysis, Andersen's documentary is that rare feat of filmmaking as film criticism, a thoroughgoing investigation into cinema's primordial years that connects the medium's invention to the broader history of Western representation.

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    “A brilliant, innovative film. Manages to be both a film about history and a genuine work of art. “– The New York Times

    “One of the best essay films ever made on a cinematic subject, Thom Andersen's remarkable documentary adroitly combines biography, history, film theory, and philosophical reflection.”- Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

    “A fascinating account of the cinematic pioneer.” –Los Angeles Weekly

    “A serious work of art that also doubles as an incredibly comprehensive documentary about Muybridge, whose contributions to the development of motion pictures now require a more sustained re-examination. This very highly recommended documentary ought to be in all academic and public library collections dealing with art history, photography history and film history. “ – Educational Media Reviews Online

    Further Reading

    "Muybridge: The Man Who Made Pictures Move," All Things Considered, NPR

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    Includes: Eadweard Muybridge, Red Hollywood, Los Angeles Plays Itself, and Reconversão
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