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    Directed by Lav Diaz
    2013, 250 minutes
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    In Norte, the End of History, one of the world's most uncompromising cinematic visionaries, Filipino director Lav Diaz delivers an extraordinary reimagining of Dostoevsky's 'Crime and Punishment' that is both an intimate human drama and a cosmic treatise on the origin of evil.

    An embittered law student commits a brutal double murder; a family man takes the fall and is forced into a harsh prison sentence; a mother and her two children wander the countryside looking for some kind of redemption.

    Unfolding across the sun drenched fields and dark city streets of the Filipino island of Luzon, Norte, The End of History is a landmark work that has been rightly hailed as a masterpiece, a must-have for cinema studies collections.

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    Festivals & Awards

    * Un Certain Regard, Cannes Film Festival
    * Official Selection, New York Film Festival
    * Official Section, Toronto International Film Festival


    [NYT Critics" Pick] "A tour de force of slow cinema. Like any true work of art, its very existence is an exhilarating triumph over complacency, and also because Mr. Diaz"s images are too rich and lovely to create a lasting sense of gloom. But there is also, above all, an almost inexhaustible humanism at the heart of this remarkable film. It is the work of a director as fascinated by decency as by ugliness, and able to present the chaos of life in a series of pictures that are at once luminously clear and endlessly mysterious." " A. O Scott, The New York Times

    "A masterpiece. An astonishing work of life, death, and art. I stood with tears in my eyes, and clapped as loudly as I ever have for any movie in my life" " Wesley Morris, Grantland

    "A mammoth achievement" This loose modern retelling of "Crime and Punishment" admirably pulls off that Dostoevskyan trick of showing how a nation"s loss of ideals is reflected in the thwarted lives of individual men and women." " Scott Foundas, Variety

    "An extraordinary achievement. A truly staggering, even overwhelming filmgoing experience." " Calum Marsh, Village Voice

    "One of the highlights of this year"s New York Film Festival, which makes it a must-see." " Manohla Dargis, The New York Times