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    Directed by Alexander L. Fattal
    2019, 25 minutes
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    An oneiric journey through Alex’s life as a former guerrilla leads to a reckoning with the devil inside of him. He is haunted by a dream of dueling with the devil, a nightmare he can only vanquish with the help of yagé (ayahuasca), a psychotropic medicine administered by a shaman in his indigenous community. As both a perpetrator and victim, Alex exemplifies the complexity of the Colombian conflict and the difficulties of simply moving on.   

    Limbo tells his story in a uniquely fitting form, a truck transformed into a giant camera obscura, a black box in which up and down, wrong and right are not fixed. It is in this confessional, surreal space where we are confronted with life mired between a militant passed and a civilian present. Through its experimental form, the film illuminates life in limbo.  

    Director's Statement
    How do you film the sensation of being suspended between worlds? How do you tell a story of a permanent transition? How do you narrate the frustration of having left but never quite arrived to the other side? For former guerrillas from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia mired between a military past and a civilian present, between suffering as both victims and perpetrators it’s not a theoretical question. As a filmmaker, my solution was to transform the payload of a truck into camera obscura and film Alex’s oneiric narrative in the topsy turvy world of a road trip without a destination, a world where everything can suddenly be flipped upside down. I decided to invite the viewer into the darkened chamber of the camera obscura as a way of exploring the shadowy world of Alex’s experience. It is a confessional, psychoanalytic space, which, like his story, is in constant motion. 

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    Festivals & Awards

    Official Selection - Sheffield International Documentary Festival 2019
    Official Selection - Cinéma du Réel 2020