Price: $95.00

    Code: 1146

    Directed by Juan Padron
    1985, 80 minutes
    Spanish dialog with English subtitles
    Classroom Rental: $95

    This feature-length animated cartoon for adults is a hilariously funny spoof of horror and gangster movies done up in an outrageously caricatured, bawdy style reminiscent of Fritz the Cat. The wacky plot involves Professor von Dracula, a vampire scientist who leaves Transylvania for Cuba where he invents "Vampisol," a potion that allows vampires to survive in sunlight. When the Professor announces his intention to donate his formula free of charge to vampires all over the world, the European group of vampires from Dusseldorf and the Vampire Mafia from Chicago try to steal the formula. The ensuing action escalates crazily as assorted bad guys, police, vampires and other monsters, musicians, tourists, and our hero are all caught up in the chase.

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    "An animated fun and fang fest...a toothy treat for horror, comedy and animation buffs alike."-New York Daily News

    "A fast-paced, broad comedy with enough bawdy and genuinely funny humor to entertain older audiences."-The Hollywood Reporter