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    Examines the dangers of hearing loss from listening to or performing loud music, featuring interviews with American and European rock musicians as well as rock music fans, sound engineers and audiologists. Many of the musicians interviewed acknowledge suffering from such common ailments as tinnitus (a constant 'ringing' noise in the ears) or hearing loss to the extent that some now use ear plugs on stage and must use hearing aids. Members of HEAR (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers), a group of rock musicians and audiologists, discuss their educational efforts. The one hour program is also available in two parts for use in secondary school classrooms.

    Directed by Marianne Flynner
    1991, 57 minutes
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    * * * * Highly Recommended "...superb... a fine program...a unique and informative mix...will appeal to general fans, schoolchildren, musicians, technicians, producers, and speech and hearing specialists." - Video Rating Guide for Libraries

    "Including excellent explanations of the anatomy and physiology of hearing and an interpretation of an audiogram, this cautionary, music-filled production is formatted for classroom use and is convincing in its promotion of the use of ear plugs." - Booklist (American Library Association)

    "The film adopts an educational perspective using doctors, diagrams, and classroom discussions and an entertaining perspective using conversations with rock musicians... Both approaches provide information necessary to communicate the film's message that one's hearing is vulnerable and must be protected." - Library Journal

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