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    Examines the American subculture of bingo, a game played by some 35,000,000 Americans each week and which has become a big business generating an annual gross of $35 billion for the charities and religious organizations which operate the games. While offering an amusing look at the intriguing characters who populate the bingo halls, the program also seriously examines underlying issues of compulsive gambling, especially by women, and explains governmental controls and regulations.

    Directed by Susan Wehling
    1992, 28 minutes
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    * Red Ribbon, American Film and Video Festival

    *** Good "Compared to drugs and alcohol, gambling has been hardly touched in video is the fourth-largest type of gambling in the U.S. Bingo: You Betcha! offers a good introduction to it."--Video Rating Guide for Libraries

    "...this lively program offers enlightenment about a favorite American pastime."--Booklist (American Library Association)

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