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    Examines the experience of black students on predominantly white college campuses and how they cope with feelings of alienation, frustration, and discrimination. The students speak frankly about their `minority' status on campus, the persistence of racist attitudes among fellow students and instructors, as well as such issues as racial separatism, integration, black studies programs, sexism, and even prejudices within their own community based on language, behavior, hair and dress styles.

    Directed by Jerald B. Harkness
    1994, 55 minutes
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    * Best Documentary, Indiana Film and Video Awards

    "...an effective springboard for campus discussion about the daily realities of racism and multiculturalism."--Library Journal

    *** Good "...will surely generate discussion and self-examination."--Video Rating Guide for Libraries

    "... powerful and frank perspectives on how racism affects all aspects of a black person's life."--Indianapolis News

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