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    Portrays the efforts of independent journalists in Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina who have been fighting for the democratic ideal of a free press during the war which has devastated the former Yugoslavia. Despite the political and practical difficulties imposed by seige conditions, sanctions, and government repression, these courageous individuals combat the state-controlled media's nationalist propaganda, providing their audiences with a voice of sanity amid the hysteria of war. Following the trajectory war in the Balkans since 1991, this documentary explores the political situation in each republic through the personal experiences and professional endeavors of several journalists, including Mladen Kristic of the Bosnian monthly Dani, Milos Vasic of the Belgrade independent weekly Vreme (Serbia), Adil Kulenovic of Sarajevo's Radio 99 (Bosnia), Croatian free-lance journalist Vesna Roller, and others.

    Directed by Leslie Asako Gladsjo and Nathalie Borgers
    1994, 68 minutes
    In English and Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles
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