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    Reveals a hidden dimension to the media coverage of the Gulf War, showing how a group of wealthy Kuwaiti citizens hired the American PR firm Hill and Knowlton to develop a multi-million dollar ad campaign to promote U.S. military intervention in the Gulf on behalf of Kuwait. The video shows how testimony about alleged Iraqi atrocities was orchestrated before Congress and the UN, how some former journalists sell their credibility and access to the highest bidder, and how TV newsrooms across the country are all too willing to compromise the integrity of their newscasts with the wholesale use of Video News Releases produced and paid for by PR firms on behalf of their clients.
    Directed by David Shulman

    1992, 28 minutes
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    "Must viewing for all journalism, communications, and media studies classes-in fact, for all consumers of TV news."-Jeff Cohen, Executive Director, FAIR

    **** Highly Recommended "...shows the market research and philosophies behind the manipulation of American public opinion"--Video Rating Guide for Libraries

    "...a fine resource for political science and communications courses."--Booklist (American Library Association)

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