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    Blending archival footage and contemporary interviews, this documentary chronicles the true story of the Chinese invasion and brutal occupation of Tibet, a country where hopes for democracy and religious freedom are routinely punished by imprisonment and torture, a continuing tragedy which the Chinese government bars international human rights groups from investigating. The story of invasion, occupation, resistance, and repression, from the first battles in 1950 up to the present day, are movingly recounted through interviews with Tibetan exiles, including soldiers who describe the fall of the capital city of Lhasa and how they smuggled the Dalai Lama across the Himalyas into India. Tibet's 'Warrior Nun,' Ani Pachen, describes her 21-year imprisonment, other former prisoners describe executions, mass graves and suicides during their years of incarceration, and Chinese police footage shows the brutal suppression of Tibetans engaged in pro- independence demonstrations.

    Directed by Ronny Novick and Rebecca McClen Novick
    1997, 40 minutes
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    * Bronze Award, Columbus International Film and Video Festival
    * Best Documentary/Audience Award, Sao Paulo International Film Festival

    "...cogent...emotionally laden...Useful in high school and college classes dealing with civil rights and human rights, as well as sociological, psychological and geographical topics."-School Library Journal

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