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    Filmed on location in the People's Republic of China under clandestine conditions, this documentary re-creates the remarkable experience of student leader Zhang Boli after his flight from Beijing in the repressive aftermath of the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy demonstrations in June 1989. Zhang was one of twenty-one students on the Communist Party's "most wanted" list and, two years later, was the only one who had evaded arrest. The video combines Zhang's first person account of the student demonstrations and the June 4th massacre with footage of those historic events and interviews with the friends, relatives and strangers who helped Zhang evade arrest and escape to the U.S.

    Directed by Iris Kung
    1993, 57 minutes
    Chinese dialog with English voice-over
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    * * * Good "...interesting and compelling...Technically, the video and sound are quite good...Many people are interested in the dissident students, and the program could be useful for adding another dimension to the story." - Video Rating Guide for Libraries

    "...would be useful to classes studying modern political events, revolutions, and Chinese history." - School Library Journal

    "Zhang's story is such a dramatic one that parts of the film are extremely interesting, and the documentary could usefully be shown in some classes as a supplement to various kinds of readings or visual materials." - The Journal of Asian Studies

    "...remarkable...significant...the first truly independent documentary made in China." - The New York Times

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