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    Directed by Saul Landau
    1988, 54 minutes
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    Profiles the Cuban Revolution and Fidel Castro at political middle age. The Cuban leader reflects on his life and Cuba — past, present and future – and declares his continuing faith in communism. In numerous other interviews, including encounters with people on the streets, Cuban citizens voice their pro and con feelings about the revolution and Cuban society. Landau, a longtime Cuba scholar, also adds his own commentary on the state of the revolution and the problems it must overcome to ensure its survival.

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    Festivals & Awards

    Honorable Mention American Film and Video Festival
    Award of Merit Latin American Studies Association


    "A balanced, critical look at the Cuba of today...analyzes the successes and failures of Cuban society." —What's Happening (University of Oregon)

    "To understand the complexities of contemporary Cuba, this film is a must." —Prof. Wayne Smith, SAIS/John Hopkins, former Head, U.S. Interests Section, Cuba

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