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    Directed by Richard Adams
    1986, color, 58 mins.
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    Portrays human dimensions of Poland's Solidarity movement in 1980-81 that were obscured by Cold-War rhetoric: the efforts of workers, artists and intellectuals who joined together to create a thriving civil society within a totalitarian state. Solidarity activists describe how they learned that to protect their own interests they had to fight for the interests of Polish society as a whole. Their self-governing trade union won the trust and support of virtually all segments of society by providing the only available channel for the local grass-roots initiatives, open debate, and democratic action that ultimately led to non-violent systemic change in Poland and beyond.

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    "A vivid, evocative, powerful documentary."
    William Styron, writer

    "The title has deeper significance than most people initially will realize - but they will do so as they watch."
    Zbigniew Brzezinski, Center for Strategic & International Studies

    "In one of the best films on Solidarity I have seen, Adams brilliantly evokes the way a social movement empowered the subjects of an authoritarian state to become active citizens deeply engaged in public life."
    Jan T. Gross, Department of History, Princeton University, author of Neighbors