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    Directed by Elizabeth Pollock
    2002, 24 mins.
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    Offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into one of the country's top opera schools, Indiana University's School of Music, where young singers prepare for one of the world's riskiest careers. We follow four young singers in their twenties—Evan, a young baritone trying not to be too much of an "opera geek," Emilio, a tenor who loses his accompanist right before an important audition, Evelyn, a soprano trying to balance her love life with her love for singing, and Alphonso, a black baritone trying to make his mark in a white-dominated scene where looks count just as much as your voice. Blending cinéma-vérité footage with interviews and a few frightening statistics, the video provides a rare look at the jealousies, the stress, the dreams, and the underlying passion that drives each of these young artists to devote their lives to a 400-year-old art form.

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    Silver Medal (Documentary Category), Student Academy Awards


    "Gives us clear indications of the challenges that will test the dedication of [these] singers...A charming film, recommended for music and performing arts collections in special and public libraries."
    Library Journal

    "An exceptional film"
    Rich Miller, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science