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    Directed by Mary Patierno
    1999, 57 mins.
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    In this unusual family portrait, filmmaker Mary Patierno focuses on her gay brother, David, recording significant events during the last years of his life. Shot over a period of five years,, the video portrays David's relationship with his gay lover, Carlos, their breakup, Carlos's falling ill with AIDS, followed by David's surprising decision to marry Connie, his female chiropractor, and become stepfather to her two children. The video examines his relationship with Connie, his own struggle with AIDS, and the bizarre tragedy that struck soon after their marriage. The video's intimate footage and unusually frank and revealing interviews tell a remarkable, real-life story, in the process revealing the inadequacy of our current definitions of family and identity.

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    Festivals & Awards

    Outstanding Documentary Feature, Miami Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
    Outstanding Documentary Feature, Outfest
    Audience Award, Reel Affirmations
    Outstanding Documentary Short, Reelings


    "insightful, nuanced and moving...Richly provocative...Packs a surprising emotional wallop."

    "remarkable...profoundly moving meditation on family acceptance, fate and the unpredictable nature of love."
    The Miami Herald

    "one of the most moving personal accounts to come out of the AIDS crisis."
    Metro Weekly

    "elegant and quietly moving."
    Lesbian and Gay New York

    "a moving and compelling documentary."
    New York Blade