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    Code: 1972

    Directed by Donna Baillie
    2003, 28 minutes
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    This video reveals the plight of young Palestinian children in the West Bank city of Hebron who regularly risk being attacked by Israeli soldiers as they try to go to school each morning. The children are kept under curfew for months at a time, making it impossible for them to travel on the ‘Israeli only' streets to get to school. The youngsters are shown scrabbling across the roofs of buildings in an effort to avoid the soldiers below. Using a hidden camera, filmmaker Donna Baillie also records the dangerous confrontations between the children and armed soldiers determined to stop them. The film shows the efforts of groups like the Christian Peacemakers Teams (CPT) to help the children get safely to school, but while the presence of these international observers sometimes helps, Israeli soldiers also regularly use percussion grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets against them. Thus, in direct contravention of UN resolutions and the Fourth Geneva Convention, the Israeli government continues to deny a generation of Palestinian children in the Occupied Territories their right to an education.

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    "Poignant, timely...important...a riveting documentary with the feel of an undercover expose." — School Library Journal

    “Uncovers what seems to be a secret kept from the world, in spite of the amount of press given to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict” - Al-Jadid: A Review & Record of Arab Culture and Arts

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    Clips from Secret Hebron were requested by the Christian Peacemaker Teams to aid in the release of the CPT hostages in Iraq. The clips showed the positive work done by this organization, such as helping Palestinian children get safely to school in the West Bank, and were sent to Arabic Television stations across the Middle East.