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    Directed by German Gutierrez
    1989, 50 minutes
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    Faced with widespread conditions of mass unemployment, poverty, urban crowding, and governmental crisis, more than a billion people in some 100 underdeveloped nations throughout the Third World have developed their own 'informal economy,' a parallel lifestyle operating on the margins of the society's formal economy and legal system, which provides them with a means of survival. These informal enterprises—including handicrafts, light manufacturing, salvage operations, construction, street vendors, and laundries—employ up to 70% of the urban workforce and provide services and products otherwise inaccessible to the majority of the population. Filmed in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, this documentary provides a detailed overview of the functioning of this 'informal economy,' and examines its broader social and political context. It illustrates that, although the informal economy may not be a solution to underdevelopment, it does constitute a truly popular response to the economic difficulties of life in the Third World.

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