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    Directed by Constance Carlisle
    1997, color, 24 mins.
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    Features interviews with former victims of domestic violence who discuss the various forms of violence, both physical and emotional, in abusive relationships, the psychological patterns that keep women from leaving abusive spouses or boyfriends, and related issues of fear and low self-esteem. In addition to commentary by a clinical psychologist and the Co-Chair of the American Bar Association's Commission on Domestic Violence, each of the women discuss how they finally awakened from the cycle of violence, made the difficult decision to leave the abusive relationship, sought help through a shelter or an outreach program, and experienced a healing process which has empowered them with newfound strength and courage to rebuild their lives.

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    “…a hopeful message that may be the catalyst for other potential survivors; recommended for appropriate social agencies or groups and public libraries.”—Booklist (American Library Association)

    “…contains much useful information…helpful for those looking for a stimulus to further discussion. It could also be useful for public libraries, high schools, and women’s support groups.”—MC Journal