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    Directed by Gayle Ashton
    2003, color, 40 mins.
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    This video explores art and creativity through the work of three painters who are blind or seriously vision-impaired. As each artist reveals her perceptions of color, light and landscape, uniquely moving stories emerge amid a background of richly colored paintings and striking work techniques. Thoughtful perspectives intertwine with natural textures, panoramas and sounds to evoke a new view of visual art.

    "I can see colors differently, but not seeing with the sense of sight" says Josee Andrei, blind since birth, who has made up her own method for painting.

    "I needed to create something that was a reflection of me and how I perceived the world, ""says Tina Blatter, a painter and textural collage maker with only 10 percent vision as a child and less now. Her paintings are meant to be both seen and touched when exhibited.

    "I feel there's so many people who feel restricted -- myself included -- when it comes to being creative," says Joanne Bellizi, who paints prolifically despite vision loss from juvenile macular degeneration. "I want to ... let people know that they can do it too."

    Their stories invite people to contemplate creativity, and perhaps, ultimately, take the step to create art. As Andrei notes: "The colors never limit."

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    "The cinematography is effective and the documentary flows at a steady pace...Video collections emphasizing special artists, women, and art in general will want to add." - Library Journal

    "Thank you for this beautiful and enlightening exploration of art and creative need and for the opportunity to meet three wonderful, courageous artists." Karen Frimkess Wolff, Art & Art History Instructor, Los Angeles Braille Institute