THE WELCOME: a healing journey for war veterans and their families

THE WELCOME: a healing journey for war veterans and their families

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    Directed by Kim Shelton
    2011, 93 minutes
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    A 2013 Booklist Editors' Choice .

    The Welcome offers a rare and fiercely intimate view of a diverse group of veterans and family members, from Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq - all suffering from the effects of PTSD - who come together to participate in an unusual healing retreat.

    The retreat is facilitated by renowned Mythologist and story teller, Michael Meade, who incorporates stories and rituals from various cultures into the healing process. Through extensive testimonials, group discussions and poetry writing sessions, veterans share their experiences and memories and together attempt to heal. The retreat culminates with the veterans presenting this poetry to a large civilian audience on Memorial Day.

    Across genders, ethnicities and generations, The Welcome offers diverse and powerful accounts of war experiences and life after war. While white female soldiers recall the sexism they faced, a Native American woman army vet struggles to find her place in the all-white group. Vietnam vets counsel young soldiers on furlough as they prepare to return for another tour, and family members struggle to understand the reasons for their conflicted lives.

    This documentary is an artful and gripping account of the struggles veterans face in finding their way home, as well as a powerful example of the essential role of the civilian community in working with the psychological and social issues in the aftermath of war.

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    Festivals & Awards

    * Winner, Feature Documentary - Ashland Independent Film Festival
    * Winner, Best Film - The Western Psychological Association Film Festival
    * Audience Favorite Award, Feature Documentary - Mill Valley Film Festival
    * Best Dramatic Documentary, US - Docufest Atlanta
    * Interfaith Award, Feature Documentary - St. Louis International Film Festival


    [starred review] “An extraordinarily powerful and moving exploration of our roles and responsibilities in welcoming these men and women home… Very highly recommended for most library collections . “ - Library Journal

    " Tears, laughter, and smiles flow in this highly recommended documentary, which is not only a great discussion prompter but offers an insightful look at the feelings and experiences of a diverse group of veterans." - Booklist

    "Highly Recommended for collections in military psychology, post traumatic stress, and the psychological aspects of war." - Educational Media Reviews Online

    "A powerful reminder that, even after all these years, it is never too late to embrace our veterans”- The Huffington Post

    "Powerfully positive and brimming with hope." - David Templeton, The Pacific Sun

    "'The Welcome' should be viewed in every community across this nation."- Shad Meshad, Founder, National Veterans Foundation

    "An invaluable education for those who do not have contact with serving troops, as well as a source of support for those of us who deal with the aftermath of these wars on a daily basis." - Military Families Speak Out

    "This film captures both the beauty of the setting and the beauty of people working together to help heal the souls of our Veterans and their loved ones. We are brought into the process as witnesses of the power of community to heal. I had tears in my eyes throughout this film. It celebrates the resiliency of the human spirit, never shrinking from the psychological horrors of war."- Judith Broder, M.D., Founder /Chair, The Soldiers Project