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    Directed by Cindy Kleine
    2012, 108 minutes
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    André Gregory: Before and After Dinner is a wonderful exploration of the life and work of groundbreaking director, actor and artist André Gregory.

    A witty and often hilariously funny raconteur, Gregory looks back on a career that spanned decades, shattered boundaries and established him as a cultural icon. He recalls the making of My Dinner with André, the Louis Malle-directed classic in which he starred and co-wrote, reflects on his pivotal role in American theatre, dishes on his brief sojourn in Hollywood, and talks about the discovery that led him to question his own identity and life's work. Bringing us back and forth in time, Gregory looks not only at his life, but at the nature of art, love and the creative process.

    Directed by award-winning filmmaker Cindy Kleine (who is also his wife), André Gregory: Before and After Dinner is a brilliant portrait of a modern renaissance man.

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    "An indelible, gripping documentary portrait...feels almost like a sequel to My Dinner With André Mr. Gregory is a spellbinding raconteur.”
    Stephen Holden, The New York Times

    "It's really wonderful work. Enlightening, moving, and very much a love story."
    Martin Scorsese

    "Thoroughly delightful! Gregory’s tale-spinning fluency dazzles just as much as it did in Louis Malle’s My Dinner With André."
    Ronnie Scheib, Variety

    "A warm and loving portrait of a creative life, and can be thought of as the completion of a loose trilogy that began with My Dinner With André and continued with "Vanya on 42nd Street" (1994), in which Gregory rehearses a production of Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya."
    San Francisco Chronicle

    "Touching and inspiring, celebrating a creative fervor that hasn't been dulled by age."
    —Jamie S. Rich, The Oregonian

        "Priceless tales of stage, screen, and family are presented here…Sure to be appreciated by fans of Malle’s beloved film, this is highly recommended ."
    Video Librarian

    "Gregory is a spellbinding storyteller,provocative thinker, and vigorous and vital presence, as witnessed in clips of his groundbreaking theatre work, interactions with acting students, and artistic endeavors...the film reminds viewers that artists are works in progress."

    "Kleine successfully parlays her close relationship with her subject into an intimate portrait of a man who, despite devoting his entire adult life to the pursuit of self-knowledge, still finds himself unmoored at the age of 78 by a revelation about a long-dead relative. It's a fitting tribute to an artist whose theme is the slipperiness of identity and truth."
    —Andrew Horbal, Univ. of Maryland Lib., College Park

    "Recommended. This resource may be useful for film and acting students who are interested in studying the work of Andre Gregory, as well as understanding what goes into the creative process, and how one’s past experiences affect and can be used to provide a better understanding of a person’s work."
    Educational Media Reviews Online

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