TIME ZERO: the last year of polaroid film

TIME ZERO: the last year of polaroid film

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    Directed by Grant Hamilton
    2012, 95 minutes
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    An in-depth chronicle of the birth, death and resurrection of Polaroid instant film, Time Zero is an illuminating documentary that recalls the hey-day of Polaroid film and its impact on popular culture while shedding light on the changes currently transforming our media landscape.

    Time Zero starts as a eulogy to Polaroid instant film and cameras, sharing with viewers the magic of Polaroid through the perspective of a few Polaroid artists and former employees of the corporation. These key employees (including the corporation's Director of Cultural Affairs, the designer of the well-recognized Polaroid brand image, and the top sales executive) provide a brief history of integral cameras and film and a unique glimpse of the company and its innovative leader, Dr. Edwin Land. This allows the younger members of the audience some insight on what Polaroid was like in the 60s and 70s, and it suggests why this invention has been a critical piece of our national culture since the 1940s...and why it matters if it is lost.

    Act II begins with filmmaker John Waters lamenting about the demise of Polaroid instant film and how it would impact his 20-year-long instant photography project. After documenting the fateful day in February 2008 when Polaroid announced it would cease production of instant film, the documentary shares the intense emotions of several other Polaroid artists as they recount hearing the news...and it focuses on a few passionate photographers who decide to start a grass-roots effort to keep instant film alive. Through the stories of these photographers, we follow the progression of the "Save Polaroid" movement and hear why they felt it was critical to maintain instant or "analog" photography right alongside digital photography.

    Act III opens with a glimmer of hope: A "crazy Austrian" named Florian Kaps and his team in the Netherlands who decided to undertake "The Impossible Project." The documentary details the timeline of events: from the date of the "legendary beer" at the closing of the factory in Enschede...to the negotiations with Polaroid, gathering of investors, purchase of the factories and machines, hiring of ex-Polaroid engineers...and the tedious and incredibly difficult challenges of the team in their attempts to recreate Polaroid film.

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    “Entertaining…A nostalgic tribute for photography buffs and pop-culture fans.” - Booklist

    Recommended . Grant Hamilton's melancholy, loving, cinematic snapshot explores the twilight of a unique technology. Time Zero's nostalgia for a retro-analog lifestyle will find a warm resonance even outside of a specialized art-and-technology audiences." - Video Librarian

    “Fascinating... a riveting ride, not only showcasing the perspective of several Polaroid artists and former employees of the corporation, but the small posse who joined forces to bring the classic photo experience back to life.”- The Huffington Post

    “Over and over, the photographers return you to the story, to their love of what they do, and to their desire to keep doing it.” - NPR

    “Whether you're a Polaroid shooter or new to instant photography, Grant's film is an inspirational and essential documentary that will motivate you to grab your Polaroid and start shooting!”- Film Photography Project