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    Directed by Rebecca Parrish
    2015, 86 minutes

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    What does it mean for women to be both devoted to and in conflict with a powerful religious institution? A riveting example of feminist disobedience, Radical Grace follows three extraordinary American Catholic nuns—including Sister Simone Campbell who plays a pivotal role in the organization of the Nuns on the bus --- who faithfully honor their vow of obedience to God, even when it means angering the Church hierarchy.

    As modern-day feminist nuns, Simone Campbell, Jean Hughes and Chris Schenk lead very different lives —yet they are united by the common bonds of fierce devotion to their faith and commitment to the Catholic social teachings of justice, equality and freedom from poverty and oppression.

    As executive director of Network, a national catholic social justice lobby founded and run by nuns, Sister Simone advocates for those living in the margins. Sister Jean is a social worker at a residential facility for convicted felons released from prisons without resources. Sister Chris is the executive director of FutureChurch, a group that organizes Catholics to advocate for women’s leadership in the Church.

    In April 2012, the Vatican formally censures American nuns, criticizing them for spending too much time on social justice issues like poverty and not enough time opposing abortion and gay marriage. The censure — a formal reprimand that is usually reserved for the gravest of sins and spiritual betrayal, such as pedophilia — leaves the sisters shocked and hurt. The women refuse to back down. They challenge the patriarchal system and ultimately win the hearts of the new pope and Catholics worldwide.

    From their cross-country Nuns on the Bus tour, to serving those on the margins, to a continued struggle for Catholic women’s religious equality, these sisters are transforming American politics—and the Church itself.

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    Winner, Top 5 Audience Favorite, Hot Docs
    Winner, Best of Fest, AFI Docs
    Official Selection, Film Festival for Women’s Rights, Seoul
    Official Selection, Seattle International Film Festival
    Official Selection, Western Psychological Association Film Festival


    "Highly Recommended. Utilizing footage from major news outlets to frame the issues, Parrish follows the sisters through a tumultuous time. Throughout, the sisters are frank in their opinions, in assessing the work that is their spiritual practice as well as their passion, and clear-eyed but ultimately optimistic about the future of women religious in America. A thoroughly engaging film that is top-notch in all technical aspects, Radical Grace is a winning choice for academic libraries supporting religious studies, women’s studies and social justice degree programs." – Educational Media Reviews Online

    [starred review] “Inspiring viewing. Today’s nuns are light years away from mid-twentieth-century sisters. This compelling program follows three nuns who do not sit quietly.” – Booklist

    "This film comes at a major crossroads in the Catholic Church, and the nuns are everything that’s right with the institution. They stand with the marginalized, and won’t be bullied by the hierarchy. I feel a deep connection to the women featured in Radical Grace." – Susan Sarandon, Executive Producer

    "Radical Grace resists the temptation to idolize women religious and allows viewers rare access to moral and spiritual quandaries that some sisters faced after the doctrinal assessment." – National Catholic Reporter

    "Regardless of your religious beliefs, we can all agree to jump on the bus.” – Upworthy

    "Exhilarating. Radical Grace moved me to tears with its portrayal of good people putting their beliefs into action in ways that transcend all ideological boundaries." – RogertEbert.com

    "The film — at turns entertaining, educational and inspiring — illustrates profoundly how social justice and spirituality are inseparably linked." – The Huffington Post

       "Recommended. A moving tribute to the social zeal of American Catholic women." – Video Librarian

    "A joyous celebration of the work of American sisters." – Library Journal


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