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    Directed by Pascale Appora Gnekindy and Ningyi Sun
    2023, 95 minutes

    In one of the poorest nations on earth, the Central African Republic, native sand diver Thomas Boa and construction manager Jianmin Luan, a Chinese national, accept that struggle and risk are the price of tomorrow’s rest and reward: both are prepared to “Eat Bitter.” The eye-opening documentary raises the age-old question of what we are prepared to sacrifice for a better tomorrow, without a promise that it will ever arrive.

    Thomas, a young local, who survived different armed conflicts, risks his life every day by diving to the bottom of the Ubangui river without any gear to bring sand to the water’s surface; sand that is used to build a new bank in the country. Thomas barely earns enough money to feed his children. The city bulldozes the illegal sand market where he works; a national curfew is declared by the authorities with rebels attempting to invade the capital during elections. He hits a new low. However, when Thomas discovers that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant, he’s propelled him to turn his life around. Thomas wants to become a boss directly selling the sand he collects to Luan.

    Suffering in silence for a better future: This is also Luan's choice. He left his family to triple his salary in Bangui three years ago. The bank is Luan’s first project he supervises at his newly joined company, but the work is delayed due to the rainy season, a looming civil war, and labor shortage owing to the pandemic. Meanwhile, in China, Luan’s family is falling apart as his wife, who he hasn’t seen for two years, attempts to commit suicide. Luan starts to wonder: How can he save his family?

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