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    This award-winning documentary profiles five men from the Yale University class of 1963 who candidly look back at their lives as planned and as ultimately lived. In in-depth interviews conducted by Dr. Daniel J. Levinson, Yale psychology professor and author of The Seasons of a Man's Life, the five men struggle to come to terms with painful emotions relating to failures and successes in love and marriage, parenting and professions.

    Directed by David Sutherland
    1988, 90 minutes
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    * Silver Apple, National Educational Film and Video Festival
    * Grand Prize, Florida International Film Festival
    * CINE Golden, Eagle Award
    * Silver Award, Houston International Film Festival
    * Cash Award, Sinking Creek Film Celebration
    * Bronze Plaque, Columbus International Film Festival

    "Technically impeccable, packed with anecdote and expression, the video is as interesting as the most fascinating companion and inevitably leads the adult viewer to contemplate the shape of his or her own life. Highly recommmended."--Library Journal

    *** Good"From the point of view of a psychology student (indeed, any student of human nature) or any person in a similar boat, this video offers strongly emotional revelations."--Video Rating Guide for Libraries

    "...remarkable...insightful...highly recommended for students of psychological developmental process, midlife issues, and men's development."--The Gerontologist
    "A rare, revealing and unprecedented experience: men actually talking about their feelings."--The New York Observer

    "...recommended, especially as an unsettling, intriguing companion to Levinson's book."-- Choice (American Library Association)

    "...a seldom-seen side of the male psyche."--The Houston Chronicle

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