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    An emotionally compelling examination of NY artist and psychotherapist Jo Roman's pioneering work in developing a philosophy of "rational suicide" as a basic human right. In 1978, while writing her book Exit House, Roman decided to put her theory into practice after suffering the side-effects of chemotherapy following her diagnosis of advanced breast cancer. The video depicts two farewell gatherings of family and friends at which Roman explains her decision and these emotionally charged conversations explore the philosophical, medical, ethical and religious issues surrounding this formerly taboo subject.

    Produced by Richard Ellison
    1980, 58 minutes
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    "...deserves the largest possible audience, because it compels the viewer to reflect upon death and especially upon the elusive prize of death with dignity...Regardless of their feelings about suicide, viewers likely will find the program to be deeply affecting."-Roanoake Times & World-News<[> "The program makes a strangely compelling case. It doesn't advocate suicide but it forces you to consider the alternatives, to contemplate your own life and your own inevitable death...this program helps us to see that in some individual cases suicide can be an act of affirmation."-The Boston Globe

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