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    Trapped nearly 40 years in a male's body, Katherine Elizabeth Cohen finally frees herself through a sex change. She had worn a mask for years, fulfilling the duties of a son, a husband, and a father. But at forty, Katherine cannot help but to put an end to the charade. She is immediately faced with harassment on the job, estrangement from family and friends, and rejection from society. A Transsexual Journey is an intimate and sensitive portrait of someone torn apart by nature and society. It invites us to join Katherine before her operation in a Montreal clinic and then follow her through her recovery and discovery of a new life. Following Katherine's 2-year journey, we learn some extraordinary things about her and discover the tremendous obstacles confronting those who embark on a transsexual journey.

    Directed by Behzad Sedghi
    1995, 44 minutes
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    Festivals & Awards

    * Silver Award, Charleston International Film & Video Festival
    * Best Student Documentary, Columbus International Film Festival