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    This provocative documentary questions whether we are really winning the war on cancer, as the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society would have us believe. It examines traditional and alternative cancer therapies, methods of diagnosis, regulation of cancer causing agents in the environment and workplace, and features interviews with leading scientists, authors, cancer experts and cancer patients.

    Directed by Steven Fischler, Joel Sucher and Jane Praeger
    1983, 60 minutes
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    * Outstanding Nonprint Material, Choice (American Library Association)
    * Film Honors, Global Village Documentary Festival

    "...a superb film...highly informative, with all perspectives presented--federal, scientific, and patient...Recommended."--Choice (American Library Association)

    "Provocative, frank, and probing presentation which raises serious questions...should be critically examined by those engaged in diagnosis, treatment, and research."--Media Profiles: Health Sciences Edition

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