ARE WE WINNING, MOMMY?: america and the cold war

ARE WE WINNING, MOMMY?: america and the cold war

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    Directed by Barbara Margolis
    1986, 87 minutes
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    An incisive examination of the historical roots of the Cold War and its effects on American life. The film features a wealth of images and historical footage from both European and American archives as well as a series of revealing interviews with some of the key players, on both sides, in the events of the last forty years. A special focus of the film is the role of the mass media in shaping attitudes about the Cold War, with illustrations, simultaneously comic and chilling, from Hollywood features, TV programs, and animated cartoons.

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    Festivals & Awards

    * Gold Plaque, Chicago Film Festival
    * Silver Apple, National Educational Film & Video Festival
    * Red Ribbon, American Film and Video Festival
    * CINE Golden Eagle Award


    " the viewer an excellent feel for the development of anti-Communist attitudes during this historical period...Appropriate for general audiences, high school, and college students."--Choice (American Library Association)

    "Perfect for classroom use...a film that just invites and cries out for discussion."-- Helen Desfosses, Director, Public Policy Program, State University of New York at Albany