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    Portrays the efforts of two men-the Protestant Glen Barr, one-time political advisor to the Ulster Defense Association, and the Catholic Paddy Doherty, former spokesman for the Derry Defense Association-to overcome the bitter enmities of the past with imaginative solutions to the problems of Northern Ireland's second largest city. After chronicling the history of Derry-from its Celtic roots through its building and rebuilding by Christian monks, Viking raiders, Norman conquerors, and English and Scottish settlers in the seventeenth century-the documentary shows how Barr and Doherty are working in different ways to rebuild the city: the former by using Derry history as the theme for reconstructing the old city destroyed by IRA bombs, and the latter by using new technology to bring new business and employment into the area. As former political enemies who forged their identities during the Troubles, both men today want to use what they learned from the violence to provide hope for a better future built on mutual respect rather than fear.

    Directed by Marcia Rock
    1993, 58 minutes
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