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    This short film offers an intimate peek into the sexual and psychological underpinnings of a modern relationship. Late one evening two former lovers reunite, but when the man declares he is celibate, sparks fly and the woman sets out to prove him wrong. Without profanity or nudity, this sexy film noir explores the emotional complexities of getting too close for comfort.

    Directed by Fran Rizzo
    1995, 18 minutes
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    "...a surprisingly smart and sexy slice-of-dysfunctional life...Part witty repartee, part sexy banter, Sullivan's Last Call is a sly commentary on male sexual hypocrisy which is well- acted, well-scripted, and an understandable film festival audience favorite."-Video Librarian

    " excellent dramatization of the relationship dynamic's great complexity...functions superbly as a creative learning tool promoting student discussion in a wide range of social and abnormal psychology and sociology courses. Its carefully constructed script illustrates many of the most common male/female communication issues: denial, rationalization, mixed messages, defensive behavior and gender roles."-Steven Zurow, Ph.D., Rutgers Medical School, John Jay College and NY Institute of Technology

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