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    Directed by Lauren Lazin
    1985, 29 minutes
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    Offers a lively mixture of contemporary interviews and archival film footage in a thoughtful examination of the social phenomenon of the `flapper,' the provocative `New Woman' of America's Roaring '20s. It traces the historical developments which gave shape to the flapper ideal, explores the ways in which the flapper rebelled against prevailing social mores, and also considers the contradictions and limitations which underlay the flapper's newly won independence.

    * Documentary Merit Award, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
    * Silver Plaque, Chicago Film Festival
    * Silver Award, Philadelphia Film Festival
    * CINE Golden Eagle Award

    "...entertaining and informative...a valuable resource."--Media & Methods

    "...entertaining, provocative...can be wholeheartedly recommended for all general-interest public library programs and for use in high school American history courses."--Sightlines (Educational Film Library Association)

    "...high-spirited, provocative and adventurous...draws a subtle but powerful historical parallel between the flappers...and contemporary young women."--Cineaste

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